Dearest people of God, I have been in North East Nigeria where the War is still raging. Like it or not, the biggest target are the “Kristoci,” the Christians!

I sat in a meeting in Yola, Adamawa with over 300 victims of this mad violence. Woman after woman. Stood up to describe how their sons and husbands were asked to choose between AK 47 and a necklace (neck cut off in sacrificial manners!) it is sad to know the truth that these things are going on now, this week inside Najeriya.

I got up to speak in Yola and all I could do was weep for the first few minutes! If you were there, you will weep too. Our brothers and sisters are in pain too difficult to describe.
What are we going to do about our sisters the widows and their children?

I left Yola and headed to the-ancient Tangele city of Biliri in Gombe State. In this Beautiful is one of the strongest Christian enclave in the North Eastern Nigeria. Here in one of the oldest Bible Colleges in Nigeria, which is also the base for early missionaries, Holy men and women who evangelized large stretches of land in North East Nigeria. These men were regarded as Angels of God. May their Souls Rest In Peace in the blossom of our Lord.
At this Bible College, about 250 Women Intercessors from most of the local governments in Gombe State, Intercessors from Yobe State, Intercessors from Borno State (Yes! Boko Haram Borno!) and a set of unbelievably passionate young people from Adamawa… the Lord brought them all!

We spoke and pray for between 5 to 6 hours non stop. We spoke about the VERY SPIRITUAL NATURE of the conflict in the North East. We taught extensively on the “Deborah Code,” the critical grace that is often imparted on Holy Women I the theater of conflict. Over 250 women sought to rededicate themselves to a Code of Purity, a Code of Intercession for strategic nation warfare, a Code of Excellent Faith and personal purity.

The Fire of God fell suddenly on the congregation. People began to have Spiritual Experiences. People were still having Spiritual Experiences till this morning (2nd Day). The Lord himself be Praised.

This morning, I spoke with over 300 Bible College Students and called them to an Experience of the Fire of God. My friends, in an ECWA Theological College, the Fire of God Fell! Literally Every student in the Auditorium came out to rededicate themselves to God and ask for the FIRE!

This Theological College as Evangelical as you come practices the full Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has purpose built buildings in a section of the massive college land that is dedicated to the sick. I was taken to visit this place and prayed for the sick, infirm and demonized. Again the power of God fell. Those were demonized were screaming out and getting free! Those who were sick were touched, we were awed by the Mercy the Lord showed us.

I came to the North East not knowing what I was coming to, I have left in the place a trail of the glory of God. Nearly 1000 Christians have committed to Intercession and a Holy life as a disruptive answer to a senseless violence.

Someone should ask: “Sayo, is that all?” And I will quickly answer with a firm no! Three more points of note:

I am surprised at the regularity of the claim that if Boko Haram does not come at night, the most regular hour that they come and attack in story after story is 10 am Sunday Morning. There is an understanding that this hour is the most vulnerable for Christians. This simple fact explodes the narrative that these attacks are not focused on Christians.

2. The MASSIVE ABSENCE of ANY government presence raises Myriads of questions better left unvoiced.
3. The Permanent Nature of dispalacement for thousands upon thousands of individuals demands a bold strategy of BUILDING CITIES OF REFUGE IN SAFE AREAS
4. THERE ARE SAFE AREAS… They’ve been won either by the community decisively confronting Boko Haram / Fulani Terrorists in battle and defeating them (the Barchamans, a warrior people who decidedly expelled ALL Fulanis from their land) or by mysterious protection of Jehovah (The community in which the Bible College resides – Kufai/Biliri is a community of Tangele people that the Lord has kept Safe)
5. Please Pray for God’s continued Provision and that He will send resources for the City of Refuge for the Displaced People.

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  1. John Justus Bagwai

    I am truly grateful to God for experiencing the ministry of Mission Africa International. Before now I never knew that we could have an advocacy representation in America. With this realization, my heart has been flooded with the hope that Nigeria would again experience, peace, Justice and economic deliverance. I am this confident about Mission Africa International because I myself have had an experience of what it is doing, and how God is pouring out His Spirit of freedom in the darkness ravaging North Eastern Nigeria, and North Central Nigeria. O Lord please enlarge the influence of this Ministry, sustain also her focus and grant it the power to deliver Nigeria from the evil sword of Islamic fundamentalism and Terrorism.

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