MAI Children Bible Outreach in Ghana

Theme: New life in Christ

Target: Children and teenagers between the  Age group of 4 -19 yrs

Date: 4th – 8th September


Mission; To tell every soul about our saving savior, Jesus Christ, and shine the light of Jesus in difficult and dangerous places, reaching out to most especially children in rural communities, victims of terrorism, orphans, and even children in town and cities, exposing them to the reality of the beauty, power, glory of Jesus of the Holy Bible is not just stories. Children can be at risk at the two extremes of life and it can affect them. There is a need to reach out to both sides. Children are spiritual beings. They have desires to see and know God, and God wants to use them for his glory. He called Samuel as a boy, He came to Jeremiah, and Jeremiah said “I am just a child” but the Lord told him “I anointed you as a prophet right from your mother’s womb”. Joseph began to dream as a young boy, David as a young boy took his quiet time or personal devotion seriously. We are intentional about children in this generation. We are interested in children; living in rural areas, the less privileged, low income communities, victims of terrorism .


We have been praying and hoping to reach out the Asikesu community, which is at Eastern Ghana, some of the people in this region are idol worshippers, Muslims with few Christians. We believe God is interested in them.

God gave us great breakthrough, we were able to host nearly a hundred children and teenagers  of Asikesu for a week, telling them about Jesus. To some of them they never had such an experienced of love, care and worship.

Each child was able to have a painting that talks about the plans of God for their life. They learned new inspiring songs, games, Bible study and they had nice meal.

Nearly all the children indicated interest to give their lives to Jesus. We are hoping to give full scholarship to children that have been away from school, kids that don’t have any one to sponsor their education. 

Our hearts flood with joy anytime we see children running to come for the program. Within the experienced, we saw the hand of God, children expressing them selves in worship and beautiful painting.

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