An Intercessory Ministry

Mission Africa International is committed in a passionate manner to praying for nations.
We lead major online and onsite prayer movements and also partners with World for
Jesus Ministry to create Joel’s Army across Africa. We currently have prayer groups in Nigeria, Cameroon, Liberia, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Niger
and many other nations.

Stirring Young Hearts:
A Discipleship Movement

Mission Africa International is committed to bringing the knowledge of Christ to the Young in various formats.
We are convinced that Outreach among the young is the most efficient means of preaching the gospel.
We have Outreaches at all levels in education across Africa.
We partner with key, Established discipleship groups like NIFES, SCM, FCS.
Do Join us in Stirring Hearts across Africa.

Victims of Religious Violence

Mission Africa International serves victims of religious violence in the African Sahel.
In the difficult places where being a Christian often turn someone into a target, Mission Africa International serves those who have been impacted by such violence.

Partnerships for Service

Mission Africa International partners with multiple organizations
to serve Christ and his Church.
Look to this space for videos of such partnership.

Global Advocacy

Mission Africa International stands alongside other global organization serving
the poor of God’s people.
Watch out in this section for interviews with such organizations.

HOpe International School

Somewhere in the heart of Northern Nigeria, Mission Africa International started Hope International School to bring Hope to young children who are victims of religious violence. We are sparse on details about Hope to keep the children safe in such a violent region. We ask you to join us to do more.

Mission Work Institute

On the outskirts of Abuja city, Mission Africa International has started a community of young people who are in training to acquire post modern survival skills and be prepared as agents for missions. It is a Christian special school for Missional agents of the gospel

Oaks International Center

Oaks International College derives its name and existence from the prophetic word of Isaiah in Chapter 61:4. The College seeks to be an answer in a broken world filled with people experiencing severe limitations.

visit: for more information

Ghana Mission Base and Training Center

Mission Africa International is building a College Town in the nation of Ghana.

In the ancient town of Asikwesi, we were given a Five Acres land grant by the Asikasuhene, the Barima Adjei Konadu, Yiadom II. In addition, Mission Africa International purchased one hundred Acres of land to build a Campus called The City of Refuge. The City of Refuge will serve to educate individuals with critical needs within Africa and globally. Read more on on our mission activities in Ghana/

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