We are excited to present to you different training programs to enhance your academic pursuit and professional capability at industry standard.

Our training programs are in partnership with the City Council of Belmopan, Belize.

We offer an Advanced Level program  in collaboration with Interlearn, Toulouse Oklahoma, USA- a direct step to d American College System.

Requirement: SSS 1 – SSS 2/School Certificate

We have designed a three (3) month training opportunity in the Americas (Still Graphics design with Adobe).

Requirement: School Certificate/OND/Associate Degree

We offer an intensive three (3)month studies for Registered Nurses with success in NCLEX focus, for Practicing Physicians and Nurse Practitioners.

Requirement: RN

In our six (6) months program, we train in missions and technology leading to certification in specific programming language by  seasoned professional from Silicon Valley and Seattle Tech corridor (Microsoft and Amazon)

Requirement: Bachelors degree preferably in the physical sciences

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Master Java in 3 Months

This course is for the beginners to help them understand the basic to advanced concepts related to Java Programming language. The basic knowledge of computer programs and computer programming languages will help the students, and if not, the facilitator will give students the basic idea and background. 

This Course will teach the most popular version of java, i.e. Java 8. It will be divided in 12 weeks of curriculum. 3 days /3 hours a week.

Topics will be covered:
1. Overview of Java, install Java 8 and set up IDE
2. How to create a project and class in Java
3. Data-Types, variables, operators
4. Arrays
5. Objects
6. Methods and classes
7. Control statements (if-else, while, for, switch etc)
8. Text input/output
9. Packages and interfaces
10. OOPs concepts (Inheritance, Encapsulations, Abstraction, polymorphism)
11. Abstract classes and Interfaces
12. Exceptions
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