Master Java in 3 Months

This course is for the beginners to help them understand the basic to advanced concepts related to Java Programming language. The basic knowledge of computer programs and computer programming languages will help the students, and if not, the facilitator will give students the basic idea and background. 

This Course will teach the most popular version of java, i.e. Java 8. It will be divided in 12 weeks of curriculum. 3 days /3 hours a week.

Topics will be covered:
1. Overview of Java, install Java 8 and set up IDE
2. How to create a project and class in Java
3. Data-Types, variables, operators
4. Arrays
5. Objects
6. Methods and classes
7. Control statements (if-else, while, for, switch etc)
8. Text input/output
9. Packages and interfaces
10. OOPs concepts (Inheritance, Encapsulations, Abstraction, polymorphism)
11. Abstract classes and Interfaces
12. Exceptions

Mission Works Institute

Mission Works is a program of Mission Africa International. It is a bold attempt to implement a strategy that makes needy, young, African Christians become globally employable. Mission Works will do this by creating technological onramp rooted in a clear call to a faith-driven life commitment.

Employability in the current global context involves acquiring skill sets that cut across multiple domains. Technologically driven skills defy old categories and touch multiple work platforms.

Mission Works will root this foray into global skillfulness by grounding participants in the understanding of the Christian faith and its unique commitment to an expanded worldview. Mission Works will emphasize Augustinian concepts of the enlightened mind that is rooted in faith commitment and the ministry of the grace of Christ. Mission Works will promote the belief that the participants are efficient Quidam Medium and members of Ordo Universities.

Mission Works aims at the rapid acceleration of a training strategy that makes 1000s of young people efficient participants in the global workforce in a short time.

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